What is Iridology?

Iridology is the art and science of analyzing the color, fiber structure, and markings in the IRIS of the EYE, to identify a person's state of health.  The iris is an extension of the brain, with thousands of nerve endings that are connected to every organ and tissue in the body.  Every region is mapped out in the eye, revealing the workings of the body like a map on a screen!   It is a valuable assessment tool, widely used by medical practitioners around the world and alternative practitioners in the United States.  It identifies resiliency to sickness & disease, genetic strengths and nurture points, and underlying causes of imbalance.  It provides the "blueprint" for developing a targeted wellness plan and is an integral part of preventative health.   


What Does Iridology Show?

The analysis reveals the relative state of tissues and organs.  It does not diagnose disease, but can detect conditions that lead to disease, often before they are medically detected.  It identifies:

  • Inherent strengths and weaknesses of body systems, organs and tissues, including neurological, skeletal, muscular, glandular, circulatory, urogenital, and gastro-intestinal systems

  • High risk tissue areas in the body that may progress toward disease

  • Areas of the spine that may have subluxation

  • Potential nervous system imbalances

  • Potential connective tissue weakness

  • Circulatory disturbances

  • Which organs are in the greatest need of repair and rebuilding

  • Lymphatic congestion

  • The condition of the bowel

  • Acidity of the body

  • Where the body is likely to break down under stress

  • The inherent imprint of a person's personality & emotional make-up

  • And more....

 How Does an Online Iridology Session Work?

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