Psychology Patient

Your health consultation is unlike anything you'll experience in conventional medicine!  You're treated as a whole person--not just a symptom or condition!  You have the benefit of a listening ear and someone who advocates for your health! 

Natural Health Professionals like me are NOT driven or regulated by the insurance or pharmaceutical industries!  We are unbiased and unencumbered, and sincerely care about your health and best interest. 

We seek to educate and empower you to take back your health, so you can have the strength, vitality and quality of life you want!  



EVALUATION--We'll discuss your health history, the results of any health evaluations you'd like to share, and invite you to participate in non-invasive health evaluations, such as pH testing and Iridology (digital iris analysis) to gain further insights about your state of health.  


EDUCATION--We'll discuss your health issues or concerns and what you hope to achieve.  We'll discuss potential root causes and your specific strengths and deficiencies.  I'll teach you about common blockages in the body and how to reverse them; how emotional and spiritual aspects affect your health; and how to incorporate principles of natural health to address your specific needs.   

EMPOWERMENT--We'll discuss the best natural methods for you, such as dietary adjustments, nutritional supplementation, detoxification, botanical medicine, stress management, lifestyle modification, and therapies such as BEMER, to enhance your efforts towards health and wellness.  In addition, you'll have ongoing support and guidance as needed.

There's no better time than NOW, to learn how to manage, sustain and protect your health!     


Your Advocate for Health,

Lori Nielsen, CNHP, CHS, HHP, MI

(209) 580-7557



Health Consultations