Health Consultations

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A natural health consultation is a unique opportunity to gain a listening ear and partner in health, who truly advocates for your well-being and addresses you as a whole person--not just your symptoms. 

In the natural health field, we aren't driven or influenced by the pharmaceutical or insurance industries, so our service is unbiased and unencumbered, and intended to educate and empower you to be your own best advocate for your health. 

Even if you have mystery symptoms and conditions, or a medical diagnosis, there is hope in natural healthcare.  You can be taught how to support your body naturally and improve your health, so you can enjoy a greater quality of life.  


EVALUATION--safe, non-invasive assessments, such as pH testing and/or Iridology (digital iris analysis), to help you gain further insights about your genetic "blueprint" and state of health.   
EDUCATION--teaching you about health, and what causes imbalances in the body; how your genetic "blueprint" influences your health; how to build a foundation for better health; botanicals and foods that best support your specific needs; ways to optimize your healing potential and valuable resources for healthier ways of living.   

EMPOWERMENT--equipping you with tools, such as dietary adjustments, nutritional supplementation, botanical medicines, and lifestyle modifications that can empower you to rely less on drugs and surgery and more on the body's innate ability to restore, strengthen and preserve health.

There's no better time than NOW, to learn how to manage, sustain and protect your health!  Book your health consultation TODAY!   

Your Advocate for Health,
Lori Nielsen, CNHP, CHS, HHP, MI
(209) 580-7557