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Comprehensive Iridology Analysis

A Health Evaluation Unlike Any Other!

  • 1 hour
  • 75 US dollars
  • South Ogden

Service Description

Iridology is the practice of analyzing the color, fiber structure and markings in the iris of the eye, to evaluate a person's state of health. It is a powerful assessment tool, enabling a person to understand the genetic "blueprint" of their physical and emotional make-up. Every region of the body is mapped out in the eye, enabling the trained Iridologist to observe all the body systems at once. It does not diagnose disease, but can detect conditions that lead to disease, often before medically detected. It helps a person identify their inherited strengths and weaknesses, their ideal diet, their personality traits, and how best to manage their physical and emotional health throughout their life. It is especially useful in a holistic healthcare program, providing a "roadmap" for a targeted wellness plan. "While there are many ways of trying to determine bodily conditions, such as hair analysis, the SMA tests, urinalysis, fecal analysis, blood analysis, etc., we do not find any one that gives a more complete picture of the whole situation than the science of Iridology." - Dr. Bernard Jensen WHAT IRIDOLOGY CAN SHOW: * Resiliency to sickness * Genetic strengths & weaknesses * Potential spinal subluxations * High risk areas of the body * Nervous system imbalances * Connective tissue weakness * Circulatory disturbances * Lymphatic congestion * The condition of the bowel * Acidity in the body * The inherent imprint of a person's personality When you book this service, you can either take your own pictures of your eyes (instructions provided) and send them to me, or come in and have the pictures taken with my Iriscope (if you're local). After the pictures are analyzed, you'll receive a comprehensive written report, either by email, or snail mail, which can then be discussed during our scheduled consultation. QUESTIONS? Call for a FREE 15 minute DISCOVERY CALL to find out more about Iridology and the insights it can give you about your health!

Contact Details

  • 5582 South 1750 East, Ogden, UT, USA

    + (209) 580-7557

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