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What is Brain Fitness?

Brain Fitness is just as important as physical fitness.  A "fit" brain helps revitalize overall health and wellness.  One of the most effective tools for brain fitness is called BrainTap®, which is a mind development tool, designed by Dr. Patrick Porter PhD.  It helps balance brain wave activity, so you can push past mental limits, calm your nervous system, enhance clarity and focus, and increase brain resiliency.  


BrainTap's advanced technology uses an innovative headset to transmit gentle pulses of light and binaural beats of sound, to train the brain and improve its function.  It works in conjunction with the BrainTap App, specially designed with a neuro-algorithm, that helps the brain reorganize and form new neural connections for better brainwave activity.  This helps activate the brain's peak performance.   


We've upgraded the BrainTap experience by adding vibro-acoustics, which brings the cells of the body into sync with what the brain is processing.  It enables the user to FEEL the spoken word or musical selection, adding another level of therapy.  It is the ultimate light, sound, vibration experience! 

This powerhouse trio is available by appointment only.  Call now to book your session and discover how light, sound, and vibration can help you think better, perform better, and sleep better!

"It has easily become one of the FAVORITE TOOLS of our center."  

-Dr. Michael O. --The Stress Relief Center, Utah State University


  • Can transport the mind into a healing brain wave pattern

  • Can install new behavior patterns

  • Can reinforce better memory and brain power

  • Can increase mental clarity, creativity, and awareness

  • Can fortify against stress

  • Can reduce anxiety

  • Can calmly energize

  • Can help produce a restful night's sleep

What to Expect

If you're local, come in for a FREE Brain Fitness session (first-time users).  It's an 11 minute demo, utilizing the BrainTap headset, audio program, and the vibro-acoustic chair, offering the best in light, sound, and vibration therapy! 

Call today to schedule an individual session, or ask about purchasing pre-paid multiple sessions at discounted prices!  



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