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What is BrainTap?

Brain Fitness is just as important as physical fitness.  Dr. Patrick Porter, Ph.D, dedicated his life to studying the brain, and is the creator of BrainTap®, a mind development tool, designed to activate the brain's peak performance.  It helps the brain become more resilient and calms the nervous system, enhancing mental clarity, peace, and mental wellness.   


BrainTap is a headset, that uses gentle pulses of light and binaural beats to return to the right balance of brain wave activity, accessing deeper meditative states, without the years of disciplined practice! 


We've combined the benefits of BrainTap with the innovative ReVibe chair, which adds a synchronized vibration, bringing the cells of the body into sync with what the brain is processing.  It enables the user to FEEL the spoken word or musical selection, and adds another level of relaxation.  It's also the only "grounding" chair on the market!  


Thousands of clinics around the world are using BrainTap to help people think better, perform better, and sleep better.  Discover what it can do for you!

"It has easily become one of the FAVORITE TOOLS of our center."  

-Dr. Michael O. --The Stress Relief Center, Utah State University


  • Can transport the mind into a healing brain wave pattern

  • Can install new behavior patterns

  • Can reinforce better memory and brain power

  • Can increase mental clarity, creativity, and awareness

  • Can fortify against stress

  • Can reduce anxiety

  • Can calmly energize

  • Can help produce a restful night's sleep

What to Expect

If you're local, come in for a FREE BrainTap session (first-time users).  You'll relax in the ReVibe chair, put the headset on, and enjoy 11 minutes of light, sound and vibration, for a full BrainTap experience.  

Follow-up sessions can be scheduled, or you can purchase one of our 6 for $60 punch cards, which is an affordable way to use it more often and to enjoy the many programs BrainTap has to offer. 



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