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What is a Health Consultation?

A private health consultation is an in-office visit or tele-health call that provides a listening ear to your health issues and concerns.  It extends beyond traditional healthcare, recognizing the challenges you may be facing in the pursuit of optimal health.  It offers solutions in natural healthcare, emphasizing the transformative power of natural principles and the ability to heal and be well.  


A natural health consultation does not diagnose disease, write prescriptions for pharmaceuticals, or perform invasive procedures.  It encompasses the multi-faceted world of holistic health and alternative medicine to strengthen body, mind and spirit.  It aims to educate and empower you to restore your health, reduce your risks for disease, and establish healthier ways of living.   


Your consultation includes total holistic health and healing services.  It starts with a comprehensive health evaluation to identify the imbalances and blockages in your health.  It provides customized recommendations such as nutrition, botanical medicines, detoxification, lifestyle modifications or natural therapies, that address your specific needs.  It offers guidance and support to help you navigate the "blind spots" on your health journey, so you can effectively manage your health.  


Call today for a FREE 15 minute consultation-- discover what natural healthcare can do for you!        


"The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well."  - Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine


What to Expect

1. When you call to schedule a consultation, I'll email you a Health Evaluation Form to fill out and send back to me

2. We'll spend up to an hour in a one-on-one private health consultation, either at my office, by phone, or Zoom meeting  

3. We'll discuss your health evaluation and a plan for implementing naturopathic options.  We'll aim to strengthen your health on all levels, bringing balance to body, mind and spirit, so you can achieve your best health. 

Follow-up consultations (either 30 or 60 min) are recommended to monitor your progress and provide ongoing support   

Who else do you know who could benefit from a natural health consultation?  When you make a paid referral to me, you'll get 10% off your next consultation! 

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