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What is Ulta Lab Tests?

Ulta Lab Tests provides affordable, convenient, and confidential laboratory testing and health screening services for both consumers and health professionals.  Lab tests can easily and quickly be ordered 24/7 through an online platform without a doctor's prescription. 


I've partnered with Ulta Lab Tests, to assist my clients with lab services, if needed.  It allows you to manage your healthcare, by providing health information to you directly.   Although blood tests alone do not always detect conditions or provide all the answers, it can be a helpful option when combined with other health assessments, and enables you to track and manage biomarkers over time.

Ulta Lab Tests offers over 1,000 physician-approved blood tests and panels, at discounted prices, which can easily be ordered and paid for online. You simply place the order online, print out the requisition form, and take it to a local federally-certified blood draw center to get your blood drawn.  Your test results will be ready for review within 1-3 days, on your secure online account.  You are then free to share your lab tests with any healthcare practitioner of your choice.   

"The blood stream is the river of life." 


What to Expect

To order your own blood tests, click the "Order Now" button below


If you'd like assistance with ordering your blood tests, schedule a tele-health call or in-person consultation with me so I can help you set up your account and discuss the test that best meets your needs.  


Contact me if you need help interpreting your test results, otherwise you are free to manage your results independently.  


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