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What Is Corporate Wellness?

Healthwise Solutions is partnered with local health practitioners to bring wellness into the workplace.  We recognize a need to assist employers in supporting and optimizing the health and wellbeing of their employees.  Everyone wins when businesses can reduce stress and improve productivity in the workplace.  


We focus primarily on brain fitness, to help employees think better, sleep better and perform better.  Our program taps into the benefits of light, sound, and vibration for balancing brain waves and enhancing brain function.  It utilizes the advanced technology of BrainTap, with its uniquely developed headset and audio programs, and paired with the vibro-acoustic chair, bringing the cells of the body into sync with what the brain is processing.  This powerhouse trio is grounded in proven science, validated through clinical studies and trusted by thousands of practitioners.  


We bring this technology to local businesses, providing onsite services that can help employees push past mental limits, calm their nervous system, enhance their clarity and focus, and increase their brain resiliency.  Employers can choose our 1/2 day or full day services, as well as custom packages with short or long term agreements.


If you're an employer who advocates for the health of your employees, and desires to offer educational and therapeutic resources that can enhance brain fitness in the workplace, reach out to schedule a demo and learn more!  

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